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Gypsy Moon Winery & UWinemaker Partner to Make Craft Wine Accessible to All

Winemaking has changed significantly, specifically the wine kits industry has made huge strides over the past 50 years.

Many of us have a story of “homemade” wine that smelled and tasted like vinegar, looked cloudy or had chunks - gross!  Those days are long gone.  Nowadays the juice concentrate used in wine kits is sourced exactly like commercially made wine - from contracted vineyards around the world or on the open juice market. 

Along with advances in wine kit quality, the equipment used in making wine at home has come a long way as well.  What wine industry professionals once said was impossible is now what winemakers are saying is “a must have product”.   Invented by Gary and Darlene Novak, the previous owners of five Winemaker Wine Co. locations, the UWinemaker is the new hassle free, easy, Rock ‘n Roll wine making experience that will keep you making commercial quality wines for a fraction of the store-bought price.  The Uwinemaker is an all in one unit that lets you make and ferment wine safely at home with zero mess, syphoning, lifting, and filtering. The Uwinemaker sits on the counter; no more taking over the entire basement to make wine! The result is a stronger, more stable product that is as delicious to drink as it is to make. 

Gypsy Moon Winery is proud to partner with the Award winning Uwinemaker and offers the know-how to get customers accustomed to the next generation of craft winemaking.

The mother-daughter duo Glenna French and Michelle Bishop opened Gypsy Moon Winery not long after the law changed in Alberta to allow Ferment on Premise (FOP).  The FOP license (also known as UBrew, UVin or Urban Winery) is newer to Alberta, which allows customers to craft wine, beer and cider in a licensed facility.   Before FOP licensing, customers could only purchase wine kits to make at home which included a significant amount of supplies, work and space.

In a world of convenience, there is great satisfaction in creating something with your own hands. Craft wine is about a third of the price and comparable in taste and quality to commercial wines sold in the liquor store.  There are endless customization options to personalize it to your unique tastes.  Once crafted, add custom labels with a personalized message for weddings, corporate gifts, or just for fun.  

Michelle and Glenna are tuned into the growing desire the new generation of wine lovers has for supporting local and DIY wine.  They want their customers to enjoy the hobby of craft winemaking and have an amazing finished product they are proud to share with their friends and family. They can show you how to make wine at home using the Uwinemaker; or for those who would prefer, it can be made in store. Whichever way you choose, they want you to have an enjoyable experience - with the hard work eliminated so you can enjoy your wine!