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Omega Crom trucks in heavy metal

To the uninitiated, a typical Omega Crom performance — hair swinging, guitars slinging and heads banging — might seem like battlefield chaos, but it's all in the name of a good time.

Theatre jazzed for On Stage

It is only fitting that the Arden Theatre close the second season of its On Stage Series with a sampling of eclectic Quebecois jazz. Carmen and David are coming to St.

Sensational crime revisited in play

These days actress Vanessa Sabourin finds herself drained at the end of a day. It’s not easy finding the emotional centre of a living murderess, especially one that bludgeoned her mother to death. The St.

More than face value

You can't take anything at face value when it comes to coins. Take a grimy 1939 silver dollar as an example, says collector Ron Thompson.

Kilroe feels connected to Cline

Vancouver-based impersonator Bonnie Kilroe just returned from a Las Vegas celebrity convention where her act entailed nailing about a dozen divas in four minutes.

Ostiguy turns classical on its head

Marie-Andrée Ostiguy has a knack for exploding the stereotype of classically trained musicians as over-cultivated, temperamental prima donnas.

Local Spotlight

The 22-vocal ensemble of singers from 55 to 90 years of age will present a two-hour benefit concert for the St. Albert Senior Citizens’ Club on Friday, March 12 at the seniors’ club.

Canyon Rose Outfit unleashes grizzly sound

Canyon Rose Outfit’s debut CD release party is a high-water mark for the group, a coming of age story that was seven years in the making.

Movie Clips

Avatar (PG) It’s 2154 and humanity’s technologically advanced military industrial complex is poised to plunder the mineral riches of a planet called Pandora. The only thing in their way is the dominant life form called the Na’vi.

Big night for blue aliens and bomb diffusers

Forget the Winter Olympics, people. The Stanley Cup is months away and already out of reach for the Oilers. The Super Bowl is last month's news. Tomorrow night is the Super Bowl of movies.