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Local Spotlight

John Hudson, artistic director of Shadow Theatre has never skirted the bizarre and so with a Noel Coward aplomb presents The Dazzle opening Thursday, Jan. 20 for a three-week run.

New edition of guide endearing and offputting

I always wondered why the Old Farmer’s Almanac had a hole punched in the upper left corner.

Bones has little meat

There are certain undeniable facts that must be listed off before any substantive review of The Lovely Bones can be written.

Feet in the past, eyes on the future

It was a crisp, sunny day much like Thursday. Father Albert Lacombe and Bishop Alexandre Taché were looking around the landscape for a good place to build a new Catholic mission. Lacombe knew this area well and asked his superior what he thought.

Local Spotlight

Workshop West’s Canoe Theatre Festival launched three years ago to replace the defunct Kaboom! festival.

Buffoonery leads to thunder of laughs

During the first 10 minutes of Thunderstick now playing at the Roxy Theatre, I wondered if it would flush down the toilet.

Storyteller to spin a few yarns at library

According to Kevin Mackenzie it may all have started with the egg man.

St. Albert artist, curling club help with Deep Freeze

‘Jam Jar’ should describe some of the edible delights or possibly a style of music for the entertainment at this weekend’s Deep Freeze Festival along Alberta Avenue in Edmonton.

Cinema series back for sixth season

Going to the movies and living out a two-hour escapist adventure is one leisure activity everyone relates to. It’s fun. It’s relaxing and it generally provokes good-natured discussion.

Local Spotlight

Country duos are rare in part because it’s tough to find the right voice and personality to complement an already existing solo act. Yet St. Albert’s homegrown Leah Durelle and Aaron J.