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She's in my mind still

Don Hamaliuk is a father and grandfather who lives in St. Albert for six months and in Mesa AZ for the winter months, with his wife Joan.
She's In My Mind Still

My Mom was so nice, she taught me a lot

Like how to cook rice and not burn the pot

She’s in my mind still, guiding my life

In how to treat people, especially my wife


If your mother’s not here, that may make you feel sad

You’ll keep looking back, to the times that you’ve had

She remains in your mind, even though she is gone

Her message to you, would be to keep moving on


I still love my Mom, as you do yours too

Nothing can change, all the things she would do

She may now be residing, in a place I don’t know 

Looking down from above, just watching the show


So I’ll keep giving her something that she’d like to see

The child she is proud of and hoping would be

A dreamer, a joker, a caring and loving mate

And not some grumpy old fart and stingy cheapskate


Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert