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Minister wants to hear from families, childcare operators

I read Oge Obiorah’s letter with interest and am glad to hear of conversations about childcare occurring all over the province.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion – even a bad one

We must take time to consider, instead of spewing immediate reactions

City council should leave the utilities business to the experts

City should invite some ratepayers to sit on review

Eldorado speedway is a safety hazard

The speedway on the eastern half of Eldorado Drive remains open for NASCAR wannabes with NO calming measures and NO enforcement.

Safety tips for cyclists

Being predictable is safest

Looking forward to future commentary from Scott Hayes

St. Albert is an extremely dangerous place for cyclists

Norway a poor comparison for Alberta

In regard to Mr. Guzik’s letter of July 31, allow me to tweak some inaccuracies: Norway’s population is 5.3 million versus 37 million in Canada. Norway’s land mass is a fraction of Canada’s at 385 sq kms versus Canada’s 9.9 million sq kms. Norway’s

Erin Ridge traffic calming goes too far

I am a very upset Erin Ridge resident.

Letters on Allred column were insightful

When I read Ken Allred’s July 24th commentary, “Inflammatory language is harmful”, I dismissed it as another anti-Trudeau article. Then I read C.

My momma always told me never to air my dirty laundry in public

For a guy who is employed as a lawyer, I don’t think James Weary tactically thought things through before advertising that he settled a lawsuit with the RCMP in a recent edition of The Gazette..