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Columnist views are damaging

Climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, residential school "issues", abortion and indigenous entitlements are not items up for debate. They are facts and rights.

Behaviour of pro-choice protesters disturbing

I had the opportunity to attend the annual March For Life at the Legislature this past Thursday (May 9) and was disturbed at the double-standards of the pro-choice protesters.

Actions of past socialist governments should not be justified

Noah Smith not only missed the forest for the trees but also made some misguided claims. Yes, Lenin and Stalin share the murderous implementation of Marxism, but Lenin was dead before the dekulakization.

City should stop looking for revenue and focus on cutting expenses

Interesting that Mr Leflar feels the City must figure out how to target baby boomers to generate revenue for the cemetery.

Parents need to teach kids rules of the road

Parents! Please, please teach your kids that they must stop, push the button, wait for cars to stop before entering the crosswalk! I just lost about 10 years of my life – driving about 30 km/h in a residential area, near a school

Young activists can change the world

Thank you Jennifer Hamilton for your Special to the Gazette May 1, 2019.

Skepticism of human-caused climate change is baffling

What baffles me is how people who continue to deny our contribution to global warming still believe that what we are experiencing is "normal.

The hurdle facing all of us

May is Mental Health Month, so here is how I view my mental health challenge.

Defence of socialism is historically naive

Ms. Doris Wrench Eisler's characterization of Marxist Socialism as the cure to all human problems – economic, social and political – is grossly naive if viewed through the lens of world history.

Infilling of Sturgeon River floodway is concerning

The spring runoff is underway and much as it may be a hindrance when it comes to using the walkways along the Sturgeon River, I expect most residents enjoy the sight of an overfull channel except for the inconvenience of a flooded walkway.