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New rail fence is like a smoke detector without a battery

Recently there have been lots of letters and articles and social media posts about the rail line fencing, particularly about it being a waste of taxpayers money ...

Students are crucial in the fight against climate change

Climate change is real, we've established this thousands of times over.

Alberta strong and free

Strong and Free, UCP words and slogan that helped change the color of Alberta politics from orange to a sea of blue. Eye catching words that have resonated with great minds and democratic visionaries throughout history.

Gazette commentaries should take the high ground

As a regular reader of your newspaper’s Opinion pages, I appreciate the way the Gazette tries to present a variety of opinions in the Commentary section of the paper.

Reasons behind rail fence still don't make sense

Regarding April 3 responses to my March 20 letter by Mr. Howard Schettler ("Money for rail fence could have been used on better things") and Mr. Gordon Anderson ("A few answers for letter writer on the rail fence"):

Regarding coyotes and Road Runners

Dear Wile E. Coyote: If you’re on a St. Albert roadway, there’s no longer a Road Runner to go, “Beep Beep”, To say, “step aside, you can’t eat those pets like sheep”.

A suggestion to update outdated terms

In the spirit of equality, can we replace the old adage of "happy wife, happy life" with "happy spouse, happy house"? Seems like the right thing to do.

Capitalism stinks both in theory and practice

Dominic Willott suggests that a comparison of "socialist practice with capitalist theory" is more informative of the relative merits of both systems than contrasting capitalist practice against socialist theory.

Thank you to our community-minded neighbour

A huge thanks to our outstanding neighbour who undertook our crescent cleaning single handedly.

Grey Nuns White Spruce Park a treasure that must be protected

St. Albert is the home of a wonderful forest. A rare, urban first-growth white spruce forest called the Grey Nuns White Spruce Park falls on the western limits of the city near Ray Gibbon Drive and McKenney Avenue.