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Acts of kindness on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special day in itself. It is a day in which one gives and shows thanks for the love one has for someone important in their life. This Valentine’s Day I recalled the love I had, but I have lost.

Wow! Awesome! Fantastic!

I recently attended the “Phantom of the Opera” production by Paul Kane High School and “Mama Mia” production by St. Albert Catholic High at the Arden Theatre. I truly enjoyed both shows.

Council must do the right thing on affordable housing

Saturday’s, March 2, 2019 Gazette article, “No deal for St. Albert Housing Society” is troubling and disappointing.

More compass reading

The letter titled “The compass was lost a long time ago” (St. Albert Gazette, Your Views, Feb. 20) by Doris Wrench Eisler, in response to my letter of Feb.

Conservative hyper-hypocrisy

I write concerning the “SNC Lavalin Affair” and the conduct of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and of our MP Mr. Michael Cooper.

Thank you to the Kindness Club kids

I wanted to thank the kids of the Kindness Club of St. Albert. I don’t know these children, but they left a really nice, homemade card in my mailbox on Friday, Feb. 8. The card was signed by the Kindness Club and wished me “a GRATE day.

On SNC-Lavalin and political behaviour

This is not a letter in defence of SNC-Lavalin’s alleged behaviour or a justification of the Liberal government but rather a comment on last week’s St.

Election rules need to be followed

In response to Rick Sloan’s view published in the St. Albert Gazette re: Stephen Mandel (Your Views, Feb. 23): Mr. Mandel filed his required financial forms over two weeks late – that is the reason for his being barred.

Mayor's claim on photo radar is outrageous

Mayor Cathy Heron’s outrageous claim in the Feb. 23 St. Albert Gazette that St. Albert isn’t using photo radar as a cash cow deserves a bovine response: BULL! Ronald Kustra, St. Albert

Looking south? Look closer!

It defies my understanding how a whole article in the Feb. 16 St.