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Human rights, human worth and democracy

Article 3 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms speak to the essence of our democracy: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person ...”

Women's safety at stake in pro-life's blind stance

In respone to Robert Mollot’s ignorant beliefs on an essential practice: Anti abortion rallies have never and will never stop the “cruel” act of abortion.

Allred needs to look in the mirror

Dear Mr. Ken Allred, In response to your column dated July 24, 2019, “Inflammatory Language is Harmful”: I ask you to consider looking in the mirror.

Indigenous people's lives apparently don't matter to Gazette columnist

Ken Allred is offended that the Prime Minister has agreed to the findings of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and has used the term “genocide” to describe the appalling pattern of murder of Indigenous women

Strong and free for all Albertans

Once again we have the Conservatives in power in Alberta where 30 million dollars will be available for a war chest. What it really is an “ entitlement” that the UPC feel that they should be able to give to their foreign oil friends.

Recycle program an utter failure

To say St. Albert's recycle program is a failure is an understatement. My blue bag was tagged with the big orange sticker, early, before the trucks came by. The city told me we now have pre inspectors during the summer.

Gazette can do better than tabloid-level cartoon

I had just finished reading the Commentary section of Page 12 ( St. Albert Gazette , July 13, 2019), and enjoyed the last paragraph: " ...

Edinburgh Court development plagued by poor communications

Thanks to the Gazette Wed article most residents of Elise and Edinburgh cul de sacs will now be aware that the bulb turnabout ends of their streets will be opened up for construction and access for the bare land condominium project between their stre

Reasoning with the unreasonable

To conscript or even permit a 12-year-old to march agains the best interests of women is hardly "logical", although Michael Balaski illogically and mistakenly believes it to be.

St. Albert – a "Smart" City?

City council of St. Albert proposed to go into the energy industry to become more independent of larger electrical corporations.