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Awakening to mental health

In my youth, mental health or illness was unknown to me and most of my crowd, including my parents and their contemporaries.

Carbon tax blunder leaves Alberta few options

Imposing a carbon tax across Alberta was among the most destructive policies in this province’s 114-year history. But it’s not the actual tax itself that’s the true disaster.

Premier must step up to the plate on equalization payments

With the change of government in Alberta, one can only hope that our new premier will deal with a situation that the previous premier wouldn’t touch: federal equalization payments.

Federal party leaders don't instill confidence

Canada’s next federal election is scheduled for this fall. We have a prime minister facing his first re-election bid, and two rookies leading the main opposition parties.

Student protests a worthwhile endeavour

About a month ago, my fellow columnist Ken Allred voiced his opinion in regard to students protesting climate change. Specifically, he noted, "The issue was apparently initiated three months ago by a Swedish teenager by the name of Greta Thunberg."

National carbon tax and responsible governance

First let’s agree that we have an obligation, as individuals and as a country, to do our part to minimize the effects of increases in global energy production and use caused by human activity.

Preening PM paying price for pitching pair from caucus

Get out and engage with your community

Growing up in small-town southern Alberta in the ’80s, my neighbourhood was my world.

Just take your seats, ladies!

A vision for continuing care in Alberta

By 2040, more than 1.1 million Albertans will be seniors. This number represents 18 per cent of Alberta’s population.