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Climate change fabrication exposed

With apologies to Dan Garsonnin (Your Views, July 18, 2009) for taking so long to reply. I happened to keep the response he sent to the Gazette in which he attempts to refute my claim that global warming hype should be viewed with skepticism.

More organ donors are needed

“Don’t totally die. Be an organ donor. Permit precious parts of you to live on to save the lives of others.

MPs should be at work

This letter is in response to the Gazette's Jan. 6 article on “MP defends prorogation.

Trails need grooming

It is a pity that the ski trails cannot be tracked as they were in the past. Last year there was a similar episode that was resolved but now the arguments are out in public for all to see.

Pick up after your dog, please

I am a resident of Heritage Lakes and walk my dog on the trails within this community. I am appalled and disgusted by the amount of dog excrement that I have to navigate through on a daily basis. I pick up my dog’s refuse every time.

Torch runners were very kind

We were five people among the hundreds lining Grandin Road on Wednesday to see the Olympic torch go by. We happened to be right at the spot where runners 106 and 107 passed the flame at the corner of Sir Winston Church Avenue and Grandin Road.

Humanity proposal should meet guidelines

I attended last evening’s second public meeting for the development application currently open with the city by Stantec, Apollo and Habitat for Humanity. I applaud the changes that have been made since the first public meeting.

Perron Street needs to be cleaner

I am quite happy to be a downtown resident, to be able to walk to the library, city hall or post office, etc.

Smart growth steeped in mystery

Readers may be as easily annoyed as I, entering a conversation part way through, and not knowing or understanding what the foundations of the conversation are. Locally, in recent months, smart growth is the latest buzzword.

Easy fix for electric cars

Hundreds of world leaders recently went to the Copenhagen climate-change conference to address climate change caused by CO2 emissions.