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Morals, not money, measure success

In response to “Higher-earning families part of St. Albert's appeal,” Gazette, April 3: I don’t know if this letter was written to spark debate or just by a very ignorant human being. St.

St. Albert has a wealth of generosity

As a long time St. Albertan (all 40-plus years) as well as belonging to one of the founding families of this community, I am nothing short of appalled by the lengthy letter written and submitted by Chris and Karleena Perry.

Everyone should be welcome in St. Albert

You are obviously new here so let me explain how the world works. Parents raise their children to accept everyone for who they are. When the children head off to school they take the values and morals taught to them by their parents.

Low-income housing won't lead to crime wave

Re: ‘Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ April 3.

Writer's apology did not sound sincere

In response to the article written by Chris and Karleen Perry that appeared in Saturday's Gazette, I have this to say: You claim that those from lower-income families will automatically cause trouble for those with a higher standard of living just be

St. Albert's founders weren't rich

Chris and Karleena Perry’s letter of April 3 is so wrong on so many levels.

Letter writer does not know Habitat families

The letter to your paper by Chris and Karleena Perry is unfortunate. I grew up in St. Albert in the 1960s and 1970s and now live in greater Los Angeles. What I recall about St. Albert was an open, accepting community.

Change of heart about St. Albert

I cannot believe you published that disgusting letter from that 'High earning family man.’ If he lived in Fort McMurray, he would be considered the 'low-income' and 'lower-class' citizen of our very diversified city.

Letter a display of xenophobic fear-mongering

Re: ‘Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ April 3. The letter from Chris and Karleena Perry in Saturday’s Gazette certainly gave me pause.

Teaching values to children more important than money

Re: ‘Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ Gazette, April 3. After reading the letter written by Chris and Karleena Perry, I was shocked and dismayed.