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Letter reminiscent of Ann Coulter

Re: ‘Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ Gazette, April 3. My, my, my, Chris and Karleena Perry your letter was a fine April Fool’s joke. I was into your second paragraph before I realized the gag.

Many kids turn out fine

Good morning to the elitist Perry family and thank you for your opinion! My family has been living in St. Albert since 1998.

Writers' views incredibly selfish

Re: ‘Higher-income families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ Gazette, April 3. Was Mr. and Mrs. Perry’s letter some form of sick April Fool’s joke? If the Perrys are a typical St.

Boundaries create success, regardless of class

I am sure you have received an enormous response to Chris and Karleena Perry's letter. I have sat here for the past two days thinking long and hard about what I would say to this couple for I am one of the low-income people they referred to.

Social problems not confined to low-income workers

Re: ‘Higher earning families part of St. Albert's appeal,' April 3. I had to shake my head after I read your thoughts on what you think ‘lower-income families' do to St. Albert's image.

Open your eyes to problems around you

Re: ‘Higher-income families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ Gazette, April 3. After reading Chris and Karleena Perry’s letter I felt I had to comment. Being a lifelong resident of St.

Insulting views do not represent St. Albert

Re: ‘Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,’ April 3.

There is an alternate vision

Thank you, Chris and Karleena Perry, for clearly articulating the flawed value system that has caused so much needless pain and alienation in our modern world.

Services better appreciated than judgment

Being born and raised in St. Albert I would like to address the letter entitled “Higher-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal.

Picking on low-income families is not OK

Re: “High-earning families part of St. Albert’s appeal,” Gazette, Saturday, April 3. Chris and Karleena Perry may be able to afford to live in St. Albert but I don't believe that they "deserve" to live in St.